Deficiency Free

Top 3 Deficiencies CURED With These Simple Steps.

Think of how great it feels to get a really good report card. Skilled nursing homes and facilities are under increasing regulatory demand with each passing year, and the Amare & Gratia care system never fails to meet or exceed the highest quality long term care and theraputic rehabilitation for our seniors. Your home or facility could receive an A+ or a 100% deficiency-free survey if you follow our simple program using our suite of Apps. Below you will find some tips on 3 of the Top 10 most flagged deficiencies! #deficiencyfree 

Residency And Residency Agreements

Paperwork shmaperwork, right? Unfortunately for all facilities flagged with this popular deficiency, no. It is bad practice and simply illegal to operate without having the proper agreements in place for persons under your care and supervision. There are many template sites online where you can find and customize an agreement for your facility, or you can request info on how to use our app to keep all of your agreements digital and available to sign via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You should consult with a legal professional as well to make sure you cover all liabilities for your clients and your organization.

Environmental Standards

While it is hard to believe that a facility can find itself in the position of having hazardous materials accessible to people under their care, it sadly happens every day. Most homes and facilities must be properly outfitted to handle the strict security and safety requirements of the care environment and it comes at an expense. There are however inexpensive solutions that meet the demands. Many local retailers, teaching supply and others carry lockers with keys and many products that will bring you quickly into compliance. You must make sure medications and other potentially poisonous materials are not within grasp of a resident. You may also find it easier to contact us to see how our care system or suite of apps may benefit your home or facility.

Emergency And Safety Standards

Not having something as simple as a fire evacuation plan posted in plain view and rehearsed regularly is another major flagged deficiency in health care. With all the online tools available today, this is quite simple to fix. We try to use original architecture plans for the premise that are generally readily available (sometimes even via county or tax assessor) to create a quick and reliable tool for evacuation planning. If this is not available, there are many online interior design software you can select from to create something to satisfy the legal and safety requirement. Let’s demand a more safe environment for seniors across the globe! As part of A&G’s management consultation, we can assess the need and creation of plans for your facility.

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