FAR-UVC Robots – Policy ES1

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(Unofficial) Policy ES1:


At Amare & Gratia, we believe that sterilization is a 24 hour job to stay. Preventing infectious bacteria or microbes in our environment benefits our resident’s well-being. We agree that robotics plays a large role in the future of healthcare.

Staff Procedure:

  1. This procedure is to be completed by staff member with “ES” designation in their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Around the facility, the sterilization robots will be working up and down hallways. Keep hallways clear of all obstructions that may impede or otherwise interfere with the cleaning path of the sterilization robot. If any item must be removed, do so immediately.
  3. Robots must be able to charge themselves (if so equipped), or be plugged in nightly to maintain operation.
  4. Ensue all robots requiring recharge are in their charging zone before the end of your shift. (Applies to
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